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Service support

1. Comprehensively build a quality system centered on customer needs;
2. Actively listen to customer needs and sincerely provide satisfactory services;
3. Carefully build product quality to create greater value for customers;

● Pre-sale service

Pre-sales service refers to the service provided by our company from the establishment of the project by the owner and user to the signing of the project contract. The services provided by our company include:
4.1: Provide products with a more advanced, reasonable and mature system structure;
4.2: Consider the sustainability of the product system;
4.3: Clear and reasonable system device requirements;
4.4: Provide targeted design solutions and system quotations.

● In-sale service

In-sale service refers to the period from the signing of the contract by both parties to the completion and acceptance. The services provided by our company include:
5.1: Cooperate with the construction party's organization plan;
5.2: Establish files for construction, installation, commissioning, and acceptance of construction projects;
5.3: System training for users.

●After-sales service

6.1.1. Two-year quality assurance service and permanent warranty service will be implemented for each system product.
6.1.2. The maintenance period starts from the date of the final acceptance of the project, with a period of 2 years, and the content is all the equipment provided by our company.
6.1.3. Provide file-based management services for the system you have installed;
6.1.4. In order to better serve you, we will establish maintenance files for each project for you. Your needs, satisfaction, opinions, suggestions and your approval will all be reflected in all customer files, so that we The service is more rigorous.

Qi Xinlong

After the warranty period, whether it is caused by human factors or natural damage, the company only charges cost when replacing or repairing parts. Our company promises to continue to provide lifetime maintenance for the equipment sold outside the warranty period.

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