Current position:


The direction we express

Qi Xinlong's direction is to develop into a formal modern company in China. We move towards this goal, make little improvements, and make progress step by step. Everyone is inspiring to let the company move on a bright road. After determining this goal, whether it is the enterprise 6S management, or personnel structure, are developing towards this goal, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

Visions of our future

Dream = Goal + Efforts Dream is the driving force for progress. Without dreams, there is no direction; dreams are illusory, and there is a gap with reality; there will also be a driving force; a goal will be very fulfilling after completion;

Our eternal pursuit

Enterprise development cannot do without learning, and personal development cannot do without learning. It is useful to learn no matter when you learn. Nowadays, the society is developing rapidly, the industry is changing, and the marketing model is changing very fast. If you stick to the conventions and don’t think about making changes, you can’t survive. Now the real economy is hard to do, the e-commerce economy is in power, and the future is unpredictable. Each of us must learn new things anytime, anywhere, master new skills, follow the trend, and go against the current, as well as individuals.


Our motivation

The foundation of enterprise development lies in innovation. Both bosses and employees must be innovative. Innovation means turning the impossible into possible and turning ideas into reality. In the same product competition, you have the ability to innovate, and you are the shining star. . Innovation is a spirit, and innovation is a habit. When we get used to it, we will form innovative thinking and have an idea of exploring everything. Over time, we can really innovate and succeed.

The spirit we have

Qi Xinlong’s attitude is very clear. The company needs employees to have a correct attitude. Everyone should set a good position, set a good direction, what they should do, what should be mastered, what should be developed, and learn everything clearly. Don’t stick to trivial things, try to give full play to yourself. The greatest value is what the company wants. For employees, attitude is our indispensable quality. No matter where you go, as long as you have an attitude, there is nothing difficult in the world. If there is a saying, attitude is everything! Have a gratifying attitude towards colleagues, a patient attitude towards customers, and a respectful attitude towards leaders! Only when the attitude of the company and employees is on the same channel can it become bigger and stronger!

Our common faith

Guarantee to provide a certain number of stable, high-quality jobs, to make a certain contribution to economic development, to social solidarity and stability, to social welfare, etc.!
Responsibility to customers: Be responsible for every product we produce, try our best to achieve perfection, improve customer experience, let our products play its due value in a specific field, play its greatest role, and ensure it Stable and high-quality operation in this field.
Responsibility to employees: Provide employees with a space to realize their self-worth, provide a stable source of income, and lay the foundation for employees to create a harmonious family environment.


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